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Herald Cares Services

Disaster Relief

  • - Psychological First Aid
  • - Earthquake Preparedness Workshop
  • - Basic First Aid, CPR & AED Training
  • - Critical Incident Stress Management for Individuals

Herald Cancer Care Network

  • - Information and Resoucres
  • - Mandarin Telephone Seminar
  • - Cantonese Radio Prorgram
  • - Cancer Support Group
  • - Telephone Care
  • - Home Visitation

Herald Family Rebuilding Center

  • - Quarterly Workshops
  • - Individual Active Listening
  • - Support Groups
  • - Life Rebuilding Retreat
  • - Parenting Classes
  • - Thanksgiving Luncheon
  • - Community Resources

Herald Grassroots Ministries

  • - regularly work with local churches to carry out mini-urban missions
  • - visit and care for restaurant workers, deliver ¡ĦħHerald Monthly¡¨ newspaper to their workplaces
  • - actively follow-up on and invite restaurant workers to join small groups or restaurant gospel fellowship meetings
  • - pasture and nurture restaurant workers to become Christians, encourage them to engage in discipleship programs
  • - crisis intervention, with particular focus on problem gambling and family issues
  • - offer intercessory prayers to fellowship members who experience spiritual and life hardships
  • - provide training, coaching, tools and resources to restaurant gospel missionaries

Earthquake Preparedness

California ShakeOut
Earthquake Preparedness
Earthquake Preparedness Guide
Courtesy of Cal EMA
Earthquake Tip
Fire Safety Guide
Fire Safety Guide
Beat the Quake
Quake Quiz
"Drop, Cover, and Hold On"
Preparedness Now!
Earthquake Preparedness Now

Herald Cancer Care Network

Herald Family Rebuilding Center

Telephone Cancer Education

Free Telephone Cancer Education

Herald Cares Disaster Relief Network